When to Consider Therapy

At any given time during the course of our lives, things might start feeling out of control, unmanageable, or even chaotic. Trust me when I say, you are NOT alone! Millions of people suffer from stress, depression, anxiety, and other challenges at one point or another. Below is a quick checklist of some things you can ask yourself to help you decide if now is the right time to consider if therapy is right for you:

  • Your problems are getting in the way of your ability to function at work, school or at home
  • You are not able to manage your problems well on your own
  • You feel the need for more support, understanding and privacy
  • Your level of distress is intense enough that you are willing to seek help
  • You have more questions than answers
If you believe now is the time and you are seeking professional help, I am here for you. You may reach Eden at:
702.595.6818 or Edenpastor@me.com

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